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Hourly Rates

If you need additional time, you can add extend your booking in hourly increments at $40/hr.

Two Hours


Three Hours


Four Hours


Six Hours


Eight Hours


Ten Hours


Twelve Hours

$525 (inquire to book)

Need more time? Reach out

Gear and Props

Backdrops, furniture, plants, light stands, modifiers are all included in your booking. If you need flashes or video lights, you can add them at any time.

Profoto D1Profoto D1

Profoto D1

QTY: 1

Strobe (flash)

Godox AD600 ProGodox AD600 Pro

Godox AD600 Pro

QTY: 1

Strobe (flash), wireless, modeling light, bowens mount

Godox VL150Godox VL150

Godox VL150

QTY: 2

LED video light, daylight-balanced

Parabolic Softbox 47.1"Parabolic Softbox 47.1"

Parabolic Softbox 47.1"

QTY: 1

Godox P120L parabolic softbox, bowens mount

Octobox 60"Octobox 60"

Octobox 60"

QTY: 1

Bowens mount

Beauty DishBeauty Dish

Beauty Dish

QTY: 1

White, bowens mount

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