Guidelines and FAQs

Cancelations or Rescheduling

Cancelations are available until fourteen days before your booking date.

Rescheduling is available until seven days before your booking date.

To cancel or reschedule, use the links provided in your booking confirmation email. We can cancel or reschedule your booking for you for a $50 convenience fee.

Cancelations or Rescheduling

Studio Tours

Appointments may be scheduled as little as 12 hours in advance so we cannot guarantee the studio will be available to visit.

You can email us on the day you would like to visit and we will let you know if there’s availability for a quick visit.

Studio Tours


Seamless paper backgrounds are included in your booking.

Colors vary.

Most our backgrounds are 7ft or 9ft.

We also include hand painted canvas backgrounds in misc. sizes.

* Should you need to dirty up more than 4 ft. of seamless paper (of any color), there will be a fee of $10 per 4 ft.


Additional Time

Additional time is $40/hr. It will be charged to the card used on your booking.

If there is an appointment directly after you, and you are more than 5 minutes late leaving the studio, you will be billed the additional time rate. If there is not someone directly after you, you can add more time during your session if needed at the the additional time rate.

Set up and breaking down for your shoot must be accounted for in the amount of time you reserve. Please book more than your “shoot time” to make sure you are in and out on-time. Arriving early and/or staying later than your reserved time, will be charged at the the additional time rate.

Additional Time

Props and Plants

Props, furniture, backgrounds (seamless paper), and plants are included in your booking.

See the current selection of furniture and plants.

Props and Plants


Modifiers and light stands are included in your booking.

Strobes (flashes) and continuous (video) lights are available to rent.

See our current strobe and continuous rental rates.

See the current selection of gear.



Wifi Network: Crossroads Studio

Password: will be emailed to you prior to your rental

Bluetooth speaker

One bathroom is located on the second floor adjacent to the studio's entrance. Two additional bathrooms are available on the first floor after entering the building.



Hours of operation:

8am–9pm seven days a week

Or by appointment

If you would like to book outside our normal business hours, please reach out.


When You Arrive

The studio is located on the second floor of the building. Stairs are at the end of the hallway of the main entrance. The studio door is on the far left once you reach the landing.

Prior to your reservation, you will receive a code for the studio door. The code will allow you in and out of the studio for your reservation.

When You Arrive

Safety and Security

There are three security cameras in the studio for safety and accountability purposes. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

The studio door is locked at all times. You will receive a code for the door 10 hours before your booking.

Safety and Security

Organization and Clean-up

Please take out what you bring in – including hangers, boxes, props, florals, etc. The studio must be returned to the condition it was when you arrived.

No confetti or glitter is allowed in the studio.

Fees for organization & clean-up

  • Cleaning fee: up to $100
  • Prop organization fee: up to $40

Organization and Clean-up

Smoking Policy

There is not any smoking allowed under any circumstance. If we see/smell/find that you have smoked in the studio, there will be a $100 fine.

Smoking Policy


Free street parking is available in front of the building and on the surrounding streets.

The parking lot across the street is a private lot. Do not park there.


See rates

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See rates

Gear and Props

Backdrops, furniture, plants, light stands, modifiers are all included in your booking. If you need flashes or video lights, you can add them at any time.

Profoto D1Profoto D1

Profoto D1

QTY: 1

Strobe (flash)

Godox AD600 ProGodox AD600 Pro

Godox AD600 Pro

QTY: 1

Strobe (flash), wireless, modeling light, bowens mount

Godox VL150Godox VL150

Godox VL150

QTY: 2

LED video light, daylight-balanced

Parabolic Softbox 47.1"Parabolic Softbox 47.1"

Parabolic Softbox 47.1"

QTY: 1

Godox P120L parabolic softbox, bowens mount

Octobox 60"Octobox 60"

Octobox 60"

QTY: 1

Bowens mount

Beauty DishBeauty Dish

Beauty Dish

QTY: 1

White, bowens mount

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